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2008 Gulfstream G450


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2,800 Hours Since New / 1,000 Landings
Enrolled on Plane Parts and GCMP

Engine #1: 2,800 Hours Since New / 1,000 Cycles Since New / Mid-Life Completed at 2,195 Hours
Engine #2: 2,800 Hours Since New / 1,000 Cycles Since New / Mid-Life Completed at 2,195 Hours
Engine Program: Rolls-Royce Corporate Care

APU: Honeywell GTCP36-150 / 1,800 Hours since OH / Enrolled on MSP Program

Exquisite fourteen (14) passenger interior featuring enhanced soundproofing. The cabin offers a forward four (4) place club arrangement followed by a mid-cabin RS four (4) place divan opposite a two (2) place club arrangement. The aft cabin features a four (4) place conference group opposite a credenza followed by a convenient aft galley which is fully equipped. All individual chairs are covered in beige colored leather; the divan is completed in a coordinating patterned fabric complimented by neutral colored diamond patterned carpeting. The cabinetry is a high gloss, dark colored finish accented by brushed gold plating. Forward crew and aft passenger lavatories.

Overall White w/ Blue Accent Striping


2,800 Hours Since New
Engines Enrolled on Rolls- Royce Corporate Care
Enhanced Avionics (CPDLC, FANS 1/A, ASC 059C)
Honeywell/Kollsman Visual Guidance w/HUD & EVS
Synthetic Vision

This Gulfstream G450 is equipped with Honeywell PlaneView Avionic Suite with Enhanced Nav Package, a general summary of the avionics suite is as follows:
PlaneView Master Operating System (MOS) Upgrade
Honeywell 4-Tube EFIS w/DU-1310
Honeywell PlaneView IFCS Flight Director
Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel
Dual Honeywell MRC-855A & Single MT-860 Comms w/8.33 Spacing
Dual Honeywell MRC-855A & Single MT-860 Navs w/FM Immunity
Triple Honeywell NZ-2000 Flight Management System
Triple Honeywell IR-500 LASEREF V
Honeywell/Kollsman Visual Guidance w/HUD & EVS
Synthetic Vision
Triple Honeywell Air Data Modules
Triple Honeywell MC-850 Multi-Function CDU’s
Triple Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels
Triple Honeywell MAU-913 Modular Avionics Units
Dual Honeywell DC-884 Display Controllers
Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telephone
Honeywell MCS-7000 SATCOM
Honeywell TCAS-2000 w/Change 7.1
Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar
Standby Attitude/Airspeed/Altitude Indicator
Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radar Altimeter
Dual Mason Cursor Controls
Micro Quick Access Recorder
L3 EBDI-4000 Radio Magnetic Indicator
L3 Magnetometer
L3 Cockpit Voice Recorder
L3 Flight Data Recorder

RVSM Compliant
Airshow 4000
Securaplane 500 Security System
External Camera System
Enhanced Sound Proofing
Dual Multi-Region DVD Players and CD Player
Individual Sidewall Monitors w/ 17.5” Monitor above Credenza
Jump Seat
Dual Davtron Digital Clocks