Hatt & Associates Company History – Where it started

Where it started

Although Hatt & Associates is a new company, our roots in business aviation stem back to the 1950s and the Korean War when a young man from Iowa named Willis Faux was in the Air Force.  He was stationed in South Korea at Pusan K-9air where he flew B-26 fighter planes. After the war Faux moved back to Iowa where he became Chief Pilot of the Des Moines Flying Service.  Faux went on to become part owner of Omaha’s Husker Aviation where he primarily focused on selling Piper Aircraft.  This is where he met a young woman with two children, Betty Hatt. The young couple then moved to Lincoln, where Faux started Lincoln Air with a silent partner.

Faux immediately instilled hard work and perseverance in the children and specifically took young Brad under his wing, and subsequently gave him a job. At 13, Brad started washing planes, changing oil, and being an errand boy for the elder employees.  This is where President Brad Hatt found his passion for aircraft.  He went on to solo for the first time in a Piper Tomahawk at 16, and then earned his privates pilots license. After working for Willis for 5 years, Brad attended the University of Nebraska where he majored in Finance.  His love for private aviation never dissipated and he started his career in business aviation.   He began at King Radio in Kansas City. Brad has now logged over 3,000 hours of flight time, and has multiengine and instrument ratings.

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Willis_Truman Photo
Willis Faux pictured hear with President Harry Truman after a flight from Kansas City, MO to Des Moines, IA

Written by: Jayson Hatt