Hatt & Associates Company History – The Beginning of a New Era

The Beginning of Hatt & Associates

Upon his recent departure from Sojourn, Brad began considering how he would leave a lasting legacy for both his children and the business that became his life’s work.  The answer, in short, was to use his namesake, which had come to represent hard work and respect in business aviation, to create this legacy.

Brad left Sojourn Aviation on good terms in January of 2015, and was very thankful for the opportunity and support from Direction Capital in the two years prior.  After Brad’s son Jayson graduated from the University of Arkansas, Brad also brought Jayson into the industry to manage marketing communications.  Wanting to emphasize the relationships Brad built over the last 30 years – relationships that span across the United Stated and around the globe – Brad and Jayson decided on the name “Hatt & Associates – Global Aviation Sales.”

Next, Brad and Jayson crafted the slogan “Unique in Experience, Global in Scope.”  This slogan embodies the values Willis distilled in Brad at an early age, and incorporates what Brad learned from 30 years in the industry.  This new company would deliver a unique experience and the company would have a global reach.

It has been eight months since the start of Hatt & Associates – Global Aviation Sales.  The number of associates has continued to grow, the most recent addition being Butch Lang, a longtime friend of Brad and a trusted resource in the industry.  Brad plans to continue to grow the organization.  He plans to continue to share his knowledge of the industry with his son, and reach out to other young professionals, to leave a legacy that Willis would be proud of.

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Pictured above is Brad with his son Jayson who is Director of Marketing and John Bowman a recent higher to the sales support team, and two Directors of Sales, Greg McCurley who handles Hawker / Beechcraft products and Bill Shannon who primarily deals with the Dassault product lines.

Written by: Jayson Hatt