Hatt & Associates Company History – Creating a Lasting Legacy

Creating a lasting legacy

When Brad left the company in 2010 for personal reasons, he was left to decide what he was going to do moving forward.  Brad decided to go work for himself as a consultant and started with his good friend and fellow Wichitan, Jack Deboer, who invented the extended-stay industry. Brad had known Jack for many years and sold him the aircraft he was currently operating at Hawker-Beechcraft.  Brad enjoyed his time working with Jack and working for himself, but after a couple of months Brad had the opportunity to get back into business aviation.

This opportunity came in the form of helping with the creation of Sojourn Aviation, an aircraft brokerage firm.  Brad and two other former Hawker-Beechcraft employees, Don Dwyer and Gary Wright, would be managing partners until late 2010.  In late 2010 the three decided to partner with Ken Ricci and Directional Capital, worth over $1 billion dollars at the time in aviation companies (including Flight Options, Nextant, Constant, Flexjet, and many more).  The company moved from Wichita to Scottsdale and kept an office in Cleveland where Directional Capital was based.  The company focused on the brokerage and acquisition of pre-owned aircraft.  The main flow of income came from disposing of Flight Options’ older aircraft, as well as working closely with Flexjet after they were acquired by Directional Capital in 2013. Brad continued to leverage his relationships that he had built over his years in business aviation to make Sojourn Aviation a competitor in the pre-owned market.

Brad started to think about the legacy he would leave for his children as Willis had done for him.  This thinking would lead to the creation of what is now Hatt & Associates.  Check back for the final piece of the how Hatt & Associates came to be.

Brad with Gary and Don

President Brad Hatt pictured here in early 2010 with the Partners that started Sojourn Aviation, Gary Wright and Don Dwyer. 

Written by: Jayson Hatt