Featured Aircraft – Hawker 900XP


Brief History

The Hawker 900XP was introduced into production in 2008, and was a derivative off of the successful midsize Hawker 800XP/ 850XP, both aircraft are based on the original Hawker HS125-1.  The 900XP is a re-engineered enhanced version of the 850XP, building off of the foundations that made the 850XP successful, including fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, comfort, and performance capabilities.

The aircraft is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines that deliver 4,660 pounds of thrust at takeoff. Upgrading the engines as well as the winglets allowed the aircraft to increase time to climb performance, better fuel efficiency and enhanced range capabilities making it a true coast to coast airplane even with winter winds going westbound.

The 900XP still features the same Pro Line 21 avionics suite that comes equipped in the 850XP.  The biggest benefit of this suite is the ability to decrease the amount of work required by pilots, while simultaneously increasing safety in the cockpit.

This aircraft has become known as one of the most popular aircraft among passengers and pilots.  The cabin has the advantage of spacious dimensions, as well as having every cabin tailored to the owners and completed at the company’s completion center in Little Rock, AR.  This process allowed owners to select luxury specifications that make each aircraft unique.

The many features above indicate why this aircraft is one of the best values in the class. The real advantages of the Hawker 900XP is its spacious, luxuries cabin that offers a non compromising payload/ range that gives you true coast to coast capabilities with full fuel and 8 passengers.

Market Overview

The Hawker 900XP started as one of the most active markets in the pre-owned section and this activity was mostly attributed to the same features that made the aircraft so popular when first released. Recently however, we have started to see inventory levels rise, which have in turn lead to a drop in retail value for the aircraft.

There are currently only 16 aircraft available on the market, which is 8.7% of the active fleet available for resale. Since the aircraft was only produced for 5 years the number in the active fleet is lower compared to the rest of the midsize category.  In 2013 and 2014 the market saw 20 and 21 transactions of Hawker 900XPs respectively. As mentioned above we have seen this market cool off in Q2 – Q3 of 2015.  Only 12 aircraft have sold this year. Like most aircraft in this segment, the factors most affecting price are the total time on the aircraft, and whether it is enrolled on an engine maintenance program.  The Hawkers have proven to have an additional hurdle to overcome with the bankruptcy of the parent company, Hawker Beechcraft, in 2013. Concerns of parts availability and support have increased skepticism from major financing companies, making these aircraft more difficult to finance.  These transactions have ranged anywhere from $8,700,000 – $5,350,000.

Notable Recent Transactions

Below are some recent transactions numbers that provide a brief view of where these airplanes are trading, along with the current Vref trend of the average retail value for the aircraft, by model year, compared to the sales prices below:

Retail Values for Hawker 900XP

Vref Trends for the Aircraft

Hawker 900XP Retail values Graph

Above is the comparison between Q3 of last year and the current Vref Retail values for the Hawker 900XP.  As you can see in the early models prices have remained fairly constant, and we start to see larger decreases in values in the newer models. This is mainly due to a lagged reaction to what is happening in the market in real time.  This can be credited to a number of things, but one that sticks out is that of the 12 transactions, 5 have been sold on an off-market basis.  This is significant because it is difficult to acquire data points, but also shows that rising inventory levels of aircraft currently available negatively affecting transactions.  The notable sales are represented by the black triangles. Something to note about these transactions is that only one being shown for 2015, and it sold well above retail value.  This makes it difficult to gauge valuations for aircraft that are currently on the market.  The other three transactions that took place in 2014 were all in line with Vref retail values.  One thing is clear: if inventory levels continue to rise, and demand for the aircraft continues to fall, we will see a drop in these values moving into 2016. This will give buyers an opportunity to take advantage of one of the best values in the mid-size category, considering the quality performance, luxury interior, and manageable operating cost the Hawker 900XP offers.


Hawker 900XP Specs


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**Information pulled from Hatt & Associates market analysis as well as AMSTAT Premier, Jet Advisors, and VrefOnline