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The Hawker 800XP is the third installment for the 800 series Hawker aircraft.  The XP added many small improvements to its predecessor the Hawker 800A, including climb speeds, runway performance, and the weight limits.

As of April 2015, 9.2 % of the active fleet is available for resale.  This includes 41 on-the-market options as well as two off-market options.  This mid-size jet has been one of the most active markets in the category, with 53 retail transactions in 2014 and 56 retail transaction in 2013. The average sale price in 2014 was $2,515,000 USD.

Brief History

This aircraft was introduced into production in late 1995 with the first YOM being 1996 and went through 2006.  There were 475 produced in 10 years. The aircraft is powered by two AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR engines which produce 4,660 Lbs of thrust at takeoff.  Another great quality in these aircrafts is the ability to take off from runways much shorter than typically required for international flights.

In 2002 the 800XP started being produced with Collins ProLine 21 avionics suite and has since created a split in the type of aircrafts.  Pre-2002 Honeywell models have seen a significant price drop since the FAA determined publicly that all aircraft operating in US airspace above 10,000 ft will need to be ADS-B Out equipped by January 1st, 2020.  The reason that this has created such a split in the market is due to the Honeywell Avionics equip aircraft not having a good option to install the ADS-B out equipment.

Currently there are 34 Honeywell equipped Hawker 800XP, versus just 9 ProLine 21 options.  This has created a high demand for the ProLine 21 equipped aircraft, which in turn has raised the average price.


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**Information pulled form Hatt & Associates market analysis as well as AMSTAT Premier