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The Gulfstream G200 was one of the first jets in the prestigious company’s line that would eventually become a serious competitor in the super-midsize category.  The jet was initially a midsize business jet created by Galaxy Aerospace.  Gulfstream acquired the company in May of 2001 and rebranded the aircraft the G200.

As of May 2015, 13.82% of the active fleet are available for resale, equating to 34 aircrafts available on the pre-owned market. This super-midsize jet has been one of the most active markets in the category, with 27 retail transactions in 2014 surpassing the 2013 totals by 9 transactions.  The average sale price in 2014 was $6,630,000 USD.

Brief History

The Gulfstream G200 was introduced into production in late 1997.  The first YOM was 1999 and production continued through 2011.  There were 248 aircrafts produced in 12 years. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney 306A engines which produce 6,040 lbs of thrust at takeoff.  The G200 has many great qualities that make it a viable choice for any mission: great range, cabin size, and speed.

The airframe of the Gulfstream G200 was designed to provide the large cabin feel in a super-midsize aircraft, measuring 24.4 feet long, 6.3 feet high and 7.2 feet wide.  There are three typical seating configurations listed below in the specifications.

One downfall that we have seen create issues for operators is the runway distance.  Take off distance at sea level is 6,342 feet when loaded to the maximum takeoff weight.  This can lower the range capabilities of the aircraft. With full fuel the maximum payload is only 650 lbs.

Counteracting the runway distance, however, is the total direct cost of the Gulfstream G200 being $1,989.67.  This cost is significantly lower than other aircrafts in the category, including the Falcon 2000, Challenger 300, and Hawker 4000.  This fact has led to the G200 being a popular choice for charter / fractional companies like Netjets.

This aircraft is certainly one of a kind and has seen continued success both domestically and abroad.  With 19 being domestic and 15 being elsewhere around the world, the aircraft truly shows how versatile it can be.  Recently we have seen inventory levels rising in the G200 market, causing a significant drop in pricing. This has made this super-midsize jet a popular choice for buyers in the industry.


G200 Specs


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**Information pulled form Hatt & Associates market analysis as well as AMSTAT Premier, and Jet Advisers