Featured Aircraft – Hawker 800XP

Featured Aircraft Blog – 800XP Overview The Hawker 800XP is the third installment for the 800 series Hawker aircraft.  The XP added many small improvements to its predecessor the Hawker 800A, including climb speeds, runway performance, and the weight limits. As of April 2015, 9.2 % of the active fleet is available for resale.  This […]

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Hatt & Associates Company History – The early years

Brad Enters the Business Aviation Community When Brad graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln he had already spent over half of his life around planes.  His first job out of college was with the company formally known as King Radio, which was still owned and operated by industry icon Ed King.  The company […]

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Hatt & Associates Company History – Where it started

Where it started Although Hatt & Associates is a new company, our roots in business aviation stem back to the 1950s and the Korean War when a young man from Iowa named Willis Faux was in the Air Force.  He was stationed in South Korea at Pusan K-9air where he flew B-26 fighter planes. After […]

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